Rosinburg Events LLC is a small dressage horse show management business run by Janine Malone. With almost 700 show entries in 2017, the business is a well-known entity in the Virginia/North Carolina area. Malone’s background in the equine industry is extensive, and she has a lifetime’s worth of experience. She is a noted ‘R’ Judge, Technical Delegate, and has served on numerous committees for USDF.

Janine Malone, USEF/USDF ‘R” Judge and TD

Her goal has been to help improve the dressage sport and make it a more welcoming and appealing discipline. Malone grew up in the small crossroads of Rosinburg, just outside of Zebulon, NC. Zebulon is only about 25 miles east of Raleigh, where she still operates a horse farm. The surrounding area, known as Rosinburg, is steeped in rich cultural history. During the 1700s, the area was known for producing rosin, which is a waterproofing sealant for wood. This had many useful aspects for a variety of industries during early U.S. infrastructure. The Rosinburg area is still home to many of the region’s foundries, an original church, and many historic southern plantations that have become local landmarks.

During the spring and summer, Rosinburg Events LLC hosts four dressage shows sanctioned by USDF/USEF. These shows are split between premier equestrian hosting facilities in North Carolina and Virginia. This year, Top Line Media Team was a proud sponsor of two of their shows.

These shows draw competitors from throughout the country, predominately along the East Coast. The reason why Malone has such great success with her show turnouts is that all of her competitors abide by the ethical standards of the USDF and USEF. She also is known for having covet-worthy prizes that are donated from prestigious sponsors including Dressage Today.

Hannah Salazar and ‘Unmarked Bills’

The majority of competitors that attend her shows do so in the Adult Amateurs division. Malone strives to make sure that there is a positive atmosphere, and that everyone has a variety of class options to compete in. Due to increased participation, Rosinburg Events can offer more FEI, opportunity, and junior classes. They even offer a breed show to promote first-class breeding practices for top performing sport horses. Additionally, all classes are divided to level out the playing field. Rosinburg Events LLC tries to make sure something is available for everyone in the great technical world of dressage.

One of the Junior teams receiving their prizes at the competitors’ party!

During the show in Culpeper, VA, at HITS Commonwealth Park, she spoke during the competitors’ party on Saturday evening. Her drive and mission are to make the sport of dressage more accessible to our youth and junior riders of today, as they are the equestrians of the future. She recently hosted a JR team competition over the weekend. Equestrians all understand how expensive the sport is and are always looking for ways to save money. Unfortunately, due to USEF and USDF regulations, fees for shows cannot be brought down. However, Rosinburg strives to make a difference by accepting all competitors and giving them a wide variety of areas in which to compete. Their main goal is to find ways to keep encouraging riders to participate in licensed dressage shows.

Rosinburg Events LLC- the hostess with the mostest

Top Line Media Team realizes the need for continuous coverage across all media channels and platforms. One of Malone’s concerns is that the horse shows are not receiving any substantial press coverage. This is where Top Line Media Team steps in. Top Line Media Team develops and supports equestrian business websites and Facebook pages. Furthermore, it helps generate recognition and involvement with the younger generation by branding equine businesses across all platforms. Not only that, but TLMT develops particular ways to drive more traffic, entries, and clientele to your business. We strategize the use of creative hashtag campaigns, blog posts, tags, and other means to engage your specific target market, such as the younger generation, to increase your business.

If you are interested in dressage or have someone you know in the VA or NC area that is an equestrian enthusiast, point them in the direction of   or find them on Facebook! They won’t be disappointed due to the fantastic shows, judges, and best of all, the atmosphere!


Lorraine Klepacz is the Business Developer and a blogger for Top Line Media Team. She is a USDF Bronze Medal recipient, USDF L Graduate, and OHSA judge who has studied under Jimmy Wofford, Mike Mendel, Stephen Bradley, Peter Foley, Joe Fargis, Bianca Birktold, Kathy Whitehouse, Pati Pierucci and many other professionals and Olympic equestrians. Early in her riding career she was on the hunter jumper circuits, loved the jumper ring, but most notably excelled in Eventing up to the Intermediate level. Most recently you can find her in the dressage ring or out foxhunting. In addition to her work with TLMT, Lorraine is a trainer who teaches practical and safe horsemanship to her clients and their horses.