Online horse business tips

Navigating the various online channels can be overwhelming!  Each one carries its own demographic audience that has their own unique way of communicating. As professionals in the online marketing world who are also equestrians, we spend a lot of our time online in the horse industry and we know these platforms the best.

We bring you the relief of knowing that your social media profiles are taken care of.  Digital Marketing includes managing the various channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and enews to your website where conversion happens.  We can create posts in advance for you, so you can approve them and we do the rest.  We then send you a report of how well each of your social media profiles are doing.  Rest assured, we have it taken care of.

Below are a few channels we can help you with!



We’ve created tons of quality professional newsletters mostly using Constant Contact & Mailchimp. Whether you want to get the word out weekly or monthly, we are here to help you develop a beautiful, effective, lead driving e-newsletter for your equine business.



Where should I start?  There are so many options to use when it comes to utilizing Facebook. Facebook Ads, Facebook Live, Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages.  All of these options are great in their own space and when used correctly! We can help you reach your potential customer while eliminating the guesswork.



Instagram is the next up and coming social platform that is all about visuals and has a great built-in use of hashtags.  Depending on your industry niche this may be a good fit for you!


You Tube

You Tube is the second most used search engine.  A lot of people don’t think of it as a search engine, but that is how it is used! This is a great way to get your message across, pick up subscribers and gain a following! You don’t need any fancy gear to do this.  If you have a smartphone, start shooting!



“Tweeting” is very popular for a wide audience including celebrities, amateur, and professional news outlets, bloggers, large and small companies.  In 2016 there were 330 million Twitter users!



It used to be so mystifying to get published, but now it’s so easy!  53% of bloggers are in the 21-35-year-old age group and is split down the middle with a 49:51 ratio of men to women bloggers. What questions is your audience asking?  What are they entering into a Google search? These are the questions you want to answer on your blog. Yes, businesses should have blogs too!



If you have a website, you need to have it optimized for SEO.  At least at the page level. Especially if you are a local business.  We help you get listed consistently across all the platforms and rank for certain keywords and phrases.


It’s best to have a strategy in place.  Who is your ideal client?  Think about which platform they spend they spend most of their time online. That is where you want to be!



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