COVID19 is hitting everybody very hard right now. If you own horses or are a horse professional, there are specific legal issues related to the virus you should be thinking about. I wrote “Horse People, Don’t Panic: COVID19 Legal Issues for the Horse Community” as a free PDF that looks at some of the most important topics to think about during this pandemic.

The e-book is divided into four sections. The first section, “COVID19 and Liability,” introduces the basic legal elements concerning liability and negligence. It then goes on to discuss the possible liability of horse businesses that choose to remain open during this time. The second section, “Horse Care,” addresses the difficult topic of who will take care of your horse if you are incapacitated or die. The third section, “Virtual Lessons and Training,” discusses liability issues that may accompany online teaching and training. Finally, “Enforcing Contracts,” touches on ways to enforce contracts during this difficult time.

This e-book is an educational service of Windhorse Legal, PLLC, and does not constitute legal advice. It is my hope that this e-book can give you some information that helps you make informed decisions and helps you discuss these issues with an equine attorney in your state. We can pull together as a horse community and get through this difficult time. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay compassionate.