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While I was researching the equine industry… tack shops, horse training, therapeutic horseback riding, veterinarians, etc… I found that the majority of the companies had a Facebook page but not a website or other social media platforms. I also found that the companies that had higher revenue were the ones that were using email marketing, social media marketing and had websites.

So I started thinking, “Why wouldn’t these businesses have websites? Why wouldn’t they have email marketing? Why is it that they all have Facebook?”

Did you know Facebook decides who sees your content and what content gets seen? Why would you base your entire  business marketing strategy on a company that doesn’t have your business’s best interest? Would you let Plain Jane down the street go out and buy a horse for you? No! You would want to do your research, look the horse over yourself and then decide if the cost was worth what you thought.

Now I’m not saying not to use Facebook because it is a great platform…for some tactile pieces of the puzzle. For example, creating conversations, using groups and staying in touch. What I am saying is to incorporate email marketing into your marketing strategy.

Email marketing is the preferred method of communication for many people and businesses. When using email marketing, YOU DECIDE who gets to see your content and YOU DECIDE what content is being seen.

Let me give you some stats to back up what I am saying.

8 Reasons Email Marketing Should Be Included With Your Social Media Marketing


  1. Without email campaigns, social media by itself is less effective. 
  2. Email marketing campaigns are very effective at attracting audiences and getting them to subscribe during checkout after making a purchase, and they increase the reorder value by as much as 17%.
  3. There are nearly three times as many people with emails as people with Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  4. Emails are more personal.
  5. Business minded customers are more likely to turn to email marketing than go on Private Chat on Facebook.
  6. 90% of all emails that are created are delivered to the intended recipient whereas only a small percentage of Facebook fans actually see and keep up with the post on your newsfeed.
  7. Businesses that are focused on growth and building strong relationships are more likely to rely on a formal, more official mode of communication, which is via email.
  8. Emails present businesses with the opportunity to approach and engage with customers in the most professional way possible.


Now that you know why email marketing should be included in an online marketing strategy lets look at reasons why you may not be using email marketing.


You do not have a website

This needs to change! While we are talking about websites, make sure your site is responsive and HTTPS. By having a website this gives your business more credibility. Your website is always on call by allowing potential customers a way to find your business online, anytime, on any device. Get a website today if you do not have one.

You do not have client email addresses

All you need are two client email addresses to start a campaign. You can grow your email list too. Add a place on your website where people can sign up for your newsletter. The next event you are attending, have a way to collect emails. You could even post about the launch of your “Newsletter” on Facebook to drive traffic to your website to sign up. Get all your followers and likes to send you their email so you are in control of what they see.

You do not know how to make an email campaign

You can use one of the many email platforms. We use Constant Contact but there are many others to choose from. Once you have a platform, start building your email. If you are looking for ideas on how to have a professionally designed looking email, read our article here.

You do not have the extra money to spend on email marketing

Well, your current marketing strategy isn’t working so maybe now is the time to change things up. Like I mentioned above in this post, the companies I saw with the higher revenues were the ones with websites, email marketing, and social media.

If you are still thinking Facebook is the only way to market your business, I suggest you do your own research. Look up your competition or a company that you admire and see if they have a website. Look and see if there is a place to sign up for a newsletter. Sign up for their newsletter and see how they are using their email marketing. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.

If you feel overwhelmed or need help getting a website or starting your email marketing, we can help you. Contact us for a free initial consultation where we will talk about what you are currently doing and what you could be doing.