Instagram has recently launched their own version of TV services, rivaling YouTube. On June 20th, Instagram announced it will begin allowing users to upload videos of up to one hour in length, up from the previous one-minute limit. This feature is called IGTV.

IGTV major differences from YouTube are:

  • The IGTV video display will be vertical for the smartphone screen and horizontal for the desktop screen. YouTube only displays horizontally.
  • There are no commercials on IGTV, as opposed to the advertisements on YouTube.

IGTV will be available through Instagram via desktop by using the IGTV icon on your home feed page and a new app called IGTV. This is available on both iOS and Android. You will be able to upload videos from both, and it is AWESOME!!!!!!

Now that you know what IGTV is and how it differs from YouTube, you’re probably thinking, “Yeah, I’m jumping on this!” However, before you do, let us give you some helpful hints so that your IGTV channel can successfully promote your equine business.

7 helpful hints on using IGTV

1. Anyone can be a creator, not just big-name celebrities

With that said, most accounts for the general public are currently limited to 10 minutes while big-name celebrities/brand partners are allowed up to one hour.

2. Uploading videos

You cannot record within IGTV; you can only upload videos that are recorded elsewhere into the app. Your Instagram videos, stories, and live videos are not automatically saved to IGTV, so you must save them to your device.

3. Have a clear purpose

When planning out your videos, be sure to have a clear purpose. There are no lists or segmentation of videos on your IGTV channel. All your videos will be in one long chain.

4. Title and description

Every video can have a title and description. Use them! Titles get cut off around 20-25 characters in the thumbnail on your channel so keep your titles short or descriptive in the beginning.

5. Clickable links

YES!!!! You can now put clickable links in the description! Anyone can click on the links. Use these to drive traffic and conversion!

6. Hashtags

Put multiple hashtags in your description, like in an Instagram post. You can read more about hashtags here. IGTV videos with hashtags show up in search results!

7. Most important hint

You cannot edit your video description after uploading, so get it right the first time! Make sure you check for grammar, spacing, and any other mistakes that will put you and your brand in a bad light.

Now, lets use these hints in an example.

Say you are a local tack shop. Guess what? You can upload a video on your business IGTV channel but it will only play for 10 minutes not an hour (Hint 1).

You will need to plan out your videos; for example, you could create a segment titled “Summer Series on Stable Essentials” and plan out five videos as follows:

1. Explain what you are going to be talking about and why

2. The first product you cover will be Defender Fly Mask

3. The second product addressed will be Over-the-Fence Waterer

4. The third and final product discussed will be Himalayan Salt for Horses

5. Finally, thank the viewer for watching and remind them to stay tuned for more (Hint 3)

Decide on what you will say and do, and then record the videos. During this time, write out your titles and descriptions. (Hint 4)

Next to your titles and descriptions of each video, look at your website and add your page URL, which has the product you are highlighting. You can also write out some hashtags. If you need help coming up with hashtag ideas, read more about hashtags here. (Hint 5 and 6)

Finally, write out exactly what you will put in your IGTV channel. Check grammar, spacing, brand, etc. Once you have upload your video, copy and paste what you had written. Double check everything before you finalize the upload. (Hint 2 and 7)

We are excited about this new feature on Instagram and are looking forward to using it. If you have any questions or need help setting up your IGTV, please reach out to us. You can also follow us on Instagram.