Did you know engagement rates on Instagram are 15 times higher than Facebook and 20 times higher than Twitter? This is partly because Instagram has a higher engagement rate, since its emphasis on visual content is easier and faster for the human brain to process. Photos are a great way to generate more leads and attention; however, your photos will not produce those leads and grab your users’ attention if you don’t grow your audience.

In this article, we will discuss six ways to grow a strong audience on Instagram. Once you have applied these ways to your Instagram marketing strategy, you will see your numbers grow.. Then all you have to do is convert those numbers to leads. There is a possibility that next month’s blog will discuss this!

Six ways to grow a strong audience on Instagram

Research and use hashtags

Hashtags are a vital part of Instagram. They play the same role as keywords play in your SEO for your website. Using the correct and well-researched hashtag will expand your brand’s reach and exposure. Your post will connect you to your current followers and attract new ones, which, in turn, creates more engagement!

How should you research your hashtag for your niche?

  • Look at influencers in your niche and follow their hashtag lead
  • Use an online tool like hashtagify.me to help you create your niche hashtag or All#astag to generate and analyze your hashtag

Also, if you think I’m kidding about the importance of hashtags, check out these stats:

  • Using two hashtags will get you 41% interaction per 1000 followers.**
  • Using five hashtags per post will get you 43% interaction per 1000 followers.**
  • Using 11 hashtags will get you 79.5% interaction per 1000 followers.**

Keep in mind that these numbers only work for you if you have the right hashtag for your niche!

Promote your Instagram account on your other social media accounts

Your friends on Facebook may not know you have an Instagram account, and your subscribers on YouTube would love to see other images of your horsey ways, but they also don’t know. You need to encourage them to check you out on Instagram!

How do you cross platforms with your users?

  • Tell them to follow you on Instagram with a link to your profile
  • Take a screenshot of your Instagram profile and post it on Facebook

Like other people’s photos

We are not talking about Liking random people’s pictures— instead, Like the photos posted by your target audience. Don’t you get excited when someone Likes yours? They will, too, and they will want to see who you are.

Comment on photos

When you comment on a photo, you are drawing attention to you, your brand, and your profile. Don’t be slimy and just say “Follow Me” —say something about the photo and why you like it! This will create an organic connection and help build trust in your brand. Commenting on a photo with fewer followers or comments will help you stand out to that person.

Geotag your photos and videos

Photos with a location attached to them, also known as geotagging, get 79% more engagement than photos with no location.*** This simple action takes only a few seconds to do and should not be overlooked. If you don’t know how to Geotag, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your Instagram photo or video that you want to geotag.
  2. Look for the ‘three-dot icon.’ It is usually located at the bottom right corner, next to the Like and Comment buttons.
  3. Tap on the icon and a menu list will drop down, click on ‘Edit’.
  4. Add your location on will be taken to the Edit page. If your location is not there, you will see the ‘Add Location’ link at the top left corner, just under your username and next to your avatar. Tap on the link to edit the location.
  5. Pick a suitable location on the suggested list or search the one you want. When you find the location, tap on it. This will add your location!


Call-to-action (CTAs) tell users what they should do next. For example, encourage them to buy a product, contact you, or read another article. Keep the user engaged! Posts with higher engagement are more likely to appear in your feed; this will create a larger audience for those particular posts. However, not all CTAs are the same. Using a CTA on Instagram can be a powerful tool but, just like the rest of the items on this list, you need to do it right.

Below is a list of some creative CTAs that will help engage your audience which will help build your audience:

  • Tease your followers: Posting teasers before introducing the actual product keeps your audience guessing. You could even direct people to your Instagram stories to see the teaser.
  • Show your followers the need: Convince your followers to buy your product or use your service by showing them why they need it. Let them understand what it is and how it will help them.
  • Encourage followers to tag their friends: This CTA will grow your engagement and increase your chances of getting more followers
  • Use color: Before your followers will engage with your post, you need to grab their attention. Colorful CTAs are a great way to say “HEY LOOK AT ME!!!” Make your post as visually attractive as possible.

Using these six ways to grow a strong audience on Instagram will definitely allow you to reach more people from your Instagram profile. Remember to research before and after you post to ensure you are targeting your audience and that the post is turning them into profitable leads. Having a marketing strategy will only help in the long run.

Don’t forget to let us know how these tips worked for your business. If you need help with any steps of your online presence, please let us know. We would love to help you!

*** https://blog.thesocialms.com/19-instagram-facts-and-statistics-you-should-know/