There are so many options when it comes to footwear for equestrians, and this time of year it’s imperative to keep your feet warm and dry not only when riding, but especially when working around the barn. You’ve surely seen some variation of the trendy knee high brown boots all the equestrian gals have been wearing, and I was able to get my hands on a pair of the Long Country Boot by Horseware Ireland, thanks to a local (to me) dealer Two Old Mares Blanket Service (yes, they clean horse blankets too).


It’s been muddy and cold here on the East coast, and I put these beautiful new boots through the ringer. They are surprisingly lightweight while still warm, and are constructed of soft buttery leather that increased the anxiety level the first time I stepped in a mud puddle. Let’s run through a typical day in my barn:

  • Arrive 6:30 a.m., sit in warm car for an extra 5 minutes thinking about stomping the ice out of water buckets.
  • Walk into the barn to face 6 hungry horses and 1 nagging goat who never want to wait their turn for breakfast.
  • Get through feed and hay, then pull out the hose, keeping fingers crossed that it’s not frozen. Proceed to turn on hose and have the nozzle leak icy water all over new boots. Feet are still dry! Boots are no longer new!
  • Time for turnout. Wrestle with the racehorse to get him out into the far field, the one with the huge mud puddle at the gate. Brown leather boots? Now covered in muck. But feet are still dry!
  • Wrestle with 28-year-old gelding who thinks he’s a stud… turn out with racehorse in same muddy back field after he steps on my right boot.
  • Walk back to barn to face evil mare stare from morgan mare since I decided to put her out after the geldings. Front paddock has ice in it, so use new boots to break the ice by the gate while holding angry mare on a lead rope outside of the gate.
  • Muck the stalls, dump the wheelbarrow, wash the buckets, chase the goat… feet are still dry and now very warm!


I could go on some more, but you get the idea – the boots held up to daily chores and were extremely comfortable to wear all day.


According to the Horseware website, these boots are also suitable for riding, as they have a flexible rubber sole with a small heel for proper grip. Currently, the boots retail for $189.95 on the Horseware Ireland website and (hint hint) would make the perfect gift for the equestrian in your life!


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Daina Behe holds a Master of Science degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from West Virginia University as well as a certificate in User Experience Design, and is well versed in many areas of digital marketing and design. Having been involved in the horse industry for years, she specializes in equine marketing as it brings her passions together. While not working behind a computer, you can find her training her Moriesian horse in the Western Dressage discipline, or teaching riding lessons to young equestrians.