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When you think blogging what comes to mind? Is it fashion? Travel? Home Decor? Sports? There’s so many out there. Blogs allow for the expression of thoughts, style, opinions, and much more. I personally have a big passion for horses and fashion. So naturally, I created a blog geared towards the equestrian lifestyle! My name is Jordan Even and I am a 23-year-old equestrian lifestyle blogger. I am currently enrolled in college working towards a marketing degree while trying to balance work, school, my horses, and my blog. It gets a bit crazy, but it’s definitely worth it!

Getting Started with an Equestrian Blog

I started my blog after almost a year of longing to do it. It took me a bit to gain the confidence to dive in. By September 2018, I set up my website and officially became an equestrian lifestyle blogger! You can check out my blog at www.westphaliandreamer.com and follow me on Instagram “Westphaliandreamer”. The main reasons I started this blog was due to my love for fashion and horses- I decided why not merge the two? Sharing something you have a love for makes it so easy and flowing! I started with posts using products I already had, in order to have a portfolio of content to use as examples for companies I want to work with. Then, moved towards working with two to three companies per month.  Now I’m up to at least five companies per month!


Staying motivated has been fairly simple. If you’re struggling with motivation, my advice is to take a day or two and detox from social media. It’s ok to need a refresher! Writing your ideas on paper can also be a great help. Set a timer for two minutes and write all your ideas down in the allotted time. No idea is silly. Once you’ve done that go back and read the ideas and take a handful of them and get to work. Let your passion drive and motivate you. When I first started, I spent 4-5 hours per week working on my blog.  Now, I spend anywhere from 10-15 hours per week working on my blog and projects.  Since it’s a fashion blog, I also spend time working with photographers, shooting photos of clothes and tack. In order to keep up with everything as a busy college student, I incorporate my blog into my routine. I always start by working on Instagram in the morning and generally working on email later in the day if possible.


I only shoot photos for the blog in the evening hours with both photographers because “golden hour” is the perfect time to shoot!  When I first started, I reached out a friend who is a professional photographer on the East Coast. She then referred me to one of my photographers, Copper Arrow Photography. I then found Hoofprints Across The Soul Photography when she was photographing a horse show I was attending. She was able to help me meet a few deadlines when my other photographer wasn’t available in the hours in which I needed her. Having two photographers makes it easier for scheduling. I assign content to each of them with an app to help keep us all organized to work as a team.

Blogger Pride

In the 9 months since I started my blog, I’ve gained 2000 (I used my Instagram to share my horses before converting to being a blogger) followers. I’ve posted many blogs, started a video series and have worked with many equestrian companies. The thing that has been most surprising to me is how supportive and excited my viewers get to see my new content.   The most rewarding part of writing has been the opportunity to work with such amazing companies, such as R.J. Classics and Wahl. Those are definitely accomplishments of which to be proud. I have had a mix of companies reach out to me and to some, I have reached out. When looking for brands to collaborate, start with making a list of who fits into your “brand” for your blog. Then from there start reaching out. Make sure you have a plan of how you’re going to benefit from working with them and how they’ll benefit from working with you.

Future Goals

My immediate future goals for WestphalianDreamer.com:

  • keep growing my brand and brand awareness,
  • branch out into more street fashion aimed at helping riders style their daily wardrobe outside of the barn,
  • create an e-magazine lookbook series.

I have many more goals in the back of my mind, but to list them would take pages!

Tips for Aspiring Bloggers

Are you interested in creating your own blog? If you are, then here are a few tips to help you.

  1. First, come up with a unique and attention-grabbing name. It’s important that you establish a name so you can create a brand. I used part of my jumpers show name and breed in order to create mine. When people hear my username, it tells them something about me immediately, and horse-people recognize the reference.
  2. Establish a plan. What social media platforms are you going to use? Which hosting site for your domain? What is your business goal and plan? It’s imperative to establish such things in order to maintain your blog as your progress. Now the important part: working with companies in collaboration. It is important to choose companies that fit your brand and values. Make sure you can fully support and endorse the products before contacting the company. Then, craft a well-written pitch that outlines your plan and purpose when working for said company. It’s very important they know your intentions. Email? Social Media? Include links? Photos? As a blogger, you can offer photos, story posts, videos and much more. It’s important you create high-quality content and showcase the product accordingly as you want to drive sales for their products. Companies will generally offer bloggers, depending on the level of influence, a range of benefits from free products to monetary compensation.
  3. Do the work: put in the hours writing new posts, shooting new photos, and making sure you’re active on the platforms you’re using.


Remember, blogging is a fun outlet and a great way to express yourself. It can also be a good business if you put your mind to it. Whether you are in the midst of becoming a blogger or are currently a blogger, keep in mind some of these tips and tricks. If you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on social media. Enjoy!


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