If you own a Facebook business page, there’s a chance that you’ve seen the prompt to “boost” your post. Boosting a post allows you reach a larger audience than your typical organic reach. It uses a post on your timeline and puts it more prominently in front of an audience of your choosing. But did you know that you can target more specifically and creatively by Facebook Ads Manager? It’s very similar to Facebook boosting, but these ads are created in the Facebook Ads manager and offer more customization opportunities to target the correct equestrian market.

Facebook Boosting options
When you boost a post you’ll have three basic options. You can pick the audience you want to reach, set your maximum budget and decide how long you want to run your ad. Seems adequate, right? Well, it really depends on what you’re hoping to achieve with your ad.

4 Things to Consider when using Facebook ads
With Facebook ads, there is so much more that you’re missing out on – maybe things you haven’t even considered.

1. Where do you want your ad to be seen? When working in Facebook ads, you decide whether or not your ad should be seen in Instagram, Facebook Mobile or the desktop News feed. Or you can decide whether or not you want it seen in Messenger ads, Instagram stories, instant articles or the Audience Network.

2. What’s your objective? When using Facebook Ads Manager, you can decide which campaign will help you reach your business goals more effectively. Perhaps you want more store visits, or more leads generated. Maybe actual conversions are what you are looking for. This can be a tough call. Many equine businesses think if they could just get more sales, that would be better. But how will you reach your target audience? Maybe you should run a campaign to generate more awareness first.

3. Do you want creative control? Facebook Ads allow you to decide what kind of ad will best fit your audience. With choices like carousel ads, video creation from still shots, and choosing your call to action button, there are a lot more choices than what boosting offers.

4. Do you want to cast your net farther? Facebook ads let you generate retargeting and lookalike audiences. Retargeting lets you push the ad to the people who have already visited your website but haven’t taken action yet. Lookalike audiences allow you to create an audience based on your current audience or email list. You can upload your current subscriber list to Facebook and they will create an audience for you that looks very similar to the people on your list. This trick is amazing and allows you to cast your net wider and more specifically as you reach for more audience.

Weighing the options: Should I use Facebook ads or Facebook boosting?
It’s so important to think first about what your goals are as an equine business. Are you looking to have more engagement on your pages or create more brand awareness? Boosting may be a good option. If you’re looking for more advanced approaches for ad creation, conversion and building your audiences then Facebook ads manager is the better solution.

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Erinn Berge is the owner of Top Line Media Team and holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Equine Science from State University of NY. Her lifelong passion and experience working, riding and being in business around horses gives your equine business a unique edge when it’s coupled with her +10 years of website project management and online marketing experience.