You’re busy in the barn and don’t have time to answer all of the requests coming through your Facebook page. We get it. And… we have a solution to it.


Ever send a direct message to a business Facebook page and receive an instant response? Wonder how that happens so quickly? Meet the chatbot, a tool that can make your life so much easier while helping you grow your business.


What is a chatbot you ask? It’s a feature that can be installed in Facebook Messenger that allows you to have an automated conversation with people who click on Messenger to reach out to you. A series of multiple choice questions are asked to guide the user through the conversation.


For example, if you run a lesson barn and are looking for new students, you may program the chatbot to ask the user “Are you interested in learning how to ride?” A multiple choice answer appears asking the user to click “yes” or “no”. If “yes” is chosen, the chatbot is prompted to ask another question which has been pre-programmed. Through this series of questions, the user is directed to a final call to action such as “Call us at (555) 555-5555 to set up your first lesson.”


You can also use a chatbot to encourage users to sign up for your email list, attend an event, visit your website and more. If you do have a chatbot installed in Facebook Messenger, you are still able to chime in if you want to take control of the conversation. All you have to do is start typing and send the user a message that you’re an actual human responding to their questions.


If you find you’re getting quite a few messages via Facebook Messenger, installing a chatbot is a great way to save time and truly weed out the strong leads from the spam. If you’re interested in utilizing the chatbot feature, we can help you set one up! Contact us at to find out how this tool can work for you.


Daina Behe holds a Master of Science degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from West Virginia University as well as a certificate in User Experience Design, and is well versed in many areas of digital marketing and design. Having been involved in the horse industry for years, she specializes in equine marketing as it brings her passions together. While not working behind a computer, you can find her training her Moriesian horse in the Western Dressage discipline, or teaching riding lessons to young equestrians.