Instagram has over 800 million monthly active users. Individuals under 25 years old spend more than 32 minutes a day on the platform, and those over 25 spend more than 24 minutes a day. These numbers demonstrate that Instagram should be a key online tool for your equine business. This article will not tell you how to use Instagram; rather, it will help you determine if your Instagram account is successfully connecting you with your target audience.

Instagram Business Tools

Instagram has given businesses the tools to help them stand out. Below is a summary of three useful features that one can use to grow their user base.

Business profiles are a free feature that help businesses choose how their clients can contact them. For instance, they can call, text, and email directions with just a tap of the “contact” button. With these profiles, businesses can access insights and improve their ability to promote content.

Insights allow businesses to access information about their followers and which posts they relate to the most. Knowing your target audience helps you create better content that is more relevant to their interests. As a result, this causes more online traffic, which, in turn, creates more clients.

Promote a post you’ve already shared by adding a “call to action” button. You can select a target audience or allow Instagram to target for you. This will advertise your post for any length of time you choose.

Video Views

The number of video views show how much your fans enjoy you and your content. Instagram says the number of time users spends watching videos has increased by more than 80% year-over-year. You may have thousands of fans and post three times a day, but if you have a low number of video views, your users are telling you they don’t care about your brand and product.

Don’t Go by Average “Likes” Per Post

Even if your profile has amazing content, your users will not “like” all of the posts; typically, they will only do so for the newest post and then continue scrolling through your profile. Similarly, if your profile has less-than-amazing posts, your users will only “like” the one that is the best. Watch the pattern of “likes” that your content receives. Do you get the most within the first few hours of your post or days later?

Audience Size Growth

The growth of your audience is not important on its own, but it shows you that you are doing something right. This is more of a participation ribbon than a first place trophy.

The Number of Posts Per Month and Year

You can view the number and consistency of posts on your Instagram insight. Some top brands have a heavy Instagram schedule, posting multiple times, while others appear to be content to keep things pretty light on content. By looking at this information, you can see if you received fewer views and followers, and if you’ve posted more or less. Once you have determined what content your target audience is looking for, give it to them!

Saved Posts

Instagram insight shows how many of your posts have been saved by your followers. This is another participation ribbon. You do not know why they are saving your post and therefore cannot use this data to help convert users.

Remember, it is important to have high-quality images that pertain to your audience. Growing a strong following on Instagram should be your goal for your equine business, and we might have an article on this next month. By knowing your audience, you will be able to turn them into clients.