Shannon Galvin

Understanding Equine Industry Hazards

by Shannon Galvin of Shannon Galvin Insurance Agency Hazards are conditions that create or increase the risk (chance) of injury to people, the horse, and property. At equine events in particular, hazards are common.  However, if those hazards are well- understood, they can be controlled. Controlling equine hazards reduces the likelihood of injury. Some hazards…

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Botori Breeches

Review: Botori Breeches

About a year ago, a learned about a new line of breeches.  I lived in Texas, and as you can imagine, it’s hot- like, spent-all-day-bathed-in-sweat-and-gasping-for-water hot. For those of us riding and working in the barn all day, we are desperately seeking apparel that allows us to be more comfortable. So when I heard about…

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Your Equestrian Trademark

by Jo Belasco, Esq. Business reputation is important in the horse world. It can literally make or break a business. One of the best ways to protect that reputation is by registering your equestrian trademark. Before I go into the legal discussion, I want to share a story about an equine business that could have benefitted…

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