Website I/T Support & Maintenance

Your website will need to be upgraded to the latest versions of the technology available. Not doing so will keep it at a high risk of being attacked by malware and hackers.  Additionally, it may not function as intended across all browsers and devices.

Top Line Media Team has a bi-weekly system in place to upgrade your themes, plugins and WordPress files.  Additionally, we are notified by a spyware/malware blocker we put in place if there is any issue with your site or vulnerability.

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Your website it has many moving parts much like a car. Once your site is launched and “live” online, you will need to maintain those moving parts like oil and fluid changes.  For a professional web presence, a stable and reliable solution for hosting and support is critical. Top Line Media Team provides ongoing support plans tailored to your organization’s needs. We cover the key elements to keep your website operating reliably.


trouble-shootTroubleshooting & Priority Support

Top Line Media Team will be available by phone or email to troubleshoot and fix any bugs or errors that impact site functionality, appearance or performance.


Wordpress-start-imageWordPress Core and Plugin Upgrades

Count on us to regularly update your site’s Word Press core, upgrading plugins, themes, and test to ensure the site works as expected.


back-upRedundant Backups

Top Line Media Team will back up your website’s data, files, and codebase. When you are hosted with our preferred hosting provider, backups are daily, weekly, and monthly.


tech-supportDedicated Tech Support

Top Line Media Team will provide you with dedicated technology support.  Your account will be assigned a primary back end guru who will be able to assist with all of your support request or issues.


magnifying-glassSite Monitoring with Google

Using the best in the industry monitoring tools, Top Line Media Team install Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster to identify any issues with search engine indexing or other errors that could impact the site’s visibility and/or user experience.


website virus detectionVirus Remediation Detection

Top Line Media Team will also protect your website by continuously scanning you site for hackers, threats and malware.  We will protect you and your visitors from these horrible peace mongers. When we support you with this package, our technical team installs to software to stop problems before they occur.


consultationStrategic Online Consultation

Top Line Media Team  will be  a partner to collaborate with on strategic web development and hosting, and a navigation for online marketing and best practices.