e-Commerce websites

Are you wanting to sell a product online but don’t know how to get started?  Are you looking for a way that you can start simple with the right tools and have room to grow?  Our E-Commerce Start up package is for you! Start by selling just one product and we’ll set you up with a secure website that you can add other e-commerce products to in the future as you have them available.  You will need to have a business account established with either Paypal or Authorize.net.   If you don’t, then we can help you get started with one.

Our e-commerce websites allow you to sell variations of your product such as type, color and size. Quanity and shipping are automatically figured in once your buyer enters in the amount they would like and the where they are shipping to.

  • one product that has variations ( size, type, color) and quantity
  • Product  page and contact page- 2 pages
  • A business paypal account or authorize.net account that is already established.
  • Use a pre-designed template.

Having an e-Commerce site requires that you register a SSL certificate which is a higher type off secure website.